Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit - This laptop is certainly well built for the price. There are much aluminum can pick here at a rest area on the lid and the keyboard/palm. Of course, like most laptops are not made by Apple, aluminum is quite thin and only present as two pieces. The outer part is just plastic. This is normal.

The body is sturdy and you won't find flex anywhere. Even the keyboard area Center, which usually tends to stretch out on a laptop which is lower, is sturdy. Given that the laptop is willing, he uses 360-degree hinge for switch between laptop mode, tents, and tablets. The hinges are also sturdy and once positioned, the screen does not falter. In addition, not much can be reported. This is a device that is designed in a simple, black rectangle with a port and a hole if necessary. It's not too light or slim, but very satisfying for what it is.

Pretty good keyboard. The response was a bit mushy compared with the usual keys I use, but it does not matter in this price range. Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit - I appreciate the fact that the key is very stable and they did not falter. You can suppress it from the banks and the key will register.

Trackpad tracks well and has no problems detecting click left and right. However, the metal sheets that make up the trackpad feels a bit light. When tapping the trackpad, you can hear it a little shake. This is a small complaint though.

In terms of features, not much to offer. You get the bare bones configuration which displays 6100U Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB HDD. Remember that chip Intel 3rd generation 8 is around the corner, so it's disappointing to see CPU Skylake 6th generation on this device.

His biggest problem is not the CPU, but this is the RAM. Find a 4 GB of RAM on a phone today is considered the norm. On the laptop, hardly qualifies as enough. At least, I hope to see devices with 6 GB of RAM, preferably 8 GB. As you will see in part performance, RAM 4 GB just enough to support Windows and one application is active at a time. Open too many tabs in the browser Chrome, and you will be disappointed.

I also prefer to see SSD than HDDs, but at this price, I have to admit that the HDD 500 GB is the appropriate trade-off between performance and capacity. Screen 15-inch sports HD resolution (1366x768), which is lower than I expected on the size of the screen.

Connectivity options are also limited. You get 2 x USB 2.0 port and only 1 x USB 3.0 port. Apple is indeed set a new low with only offers 1 x USB Type-C port on my MacBook, but it only has 1 x USB 3.0 port is still disappointing. HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a 3.5 mm combo socket complete the number of ports. There is also a slot the Kensington Security Slot. For Wi-Fi, you get a module QCA9377 which supports Qualcomm's Atheros wireless speed up to 5 GHz bands at 433 Mbps. It also supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Download Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

The driver is a small piece of software that allows all the components in your computer to communicate with Your Windows ® operating system. Because the software and products change, sometimes it is necessary to update your driver so that your computer can continue to function very well. Here you can Download Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit from the link below and use the installation guide at the end of this post to install the drivers to your computer. Please download the appropriate driver for Your Windows system variants. You have to know what system is currently running on your computer if it's Windows 7, 8 or 10, 32-bit version or 64-bit, etc.

SATA AHCI Driver Intel Download

Audio Drivers
Audio Driver Realtek Download

Bluetooth Drivers
Bluetooth Driver (NFA435) Atheros Download
Bluetooth Driver (NFA435 Liteon) Atheros Download

CardReader Drivers
Card Reader Driver Realtek Download

Chipset Drivers
Chipset Driver (Kabylake) Intel Download
Chipset Driver (Skylake) Intel Download

MgmtEngine Drivers
ME (Management Engine)Driver Intel Download

TouchPad Drivers
Touchpad Driver ELANTECH Download

VGA Drivers
VGA Driver Intel Download

Virtual Buttons Drivers
Virtual Buttons Intel Download

Wireless LAN Drivers
Wireless LAN Driver (NFA435 Liteon) Atheros Download
Wireless LAN Driver (NFA435) Atheros Download

Updates Intel RC and MCU code Acer Download
Updates keyboard ID Acer Download
Optimized touchpad and memory settings Acer Download
Fixed power control Acer Download

Quick Access Application Acer Download

How to install Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

Once the driver is downloaded, you must determine how the driver is packaged. If the directory containing the executable file or the setup file you can install the drivers using the executable. If the directory contains a .inf file, you can install the driver using inf or use the option  "have disk " during installation. If the drivers are compressed into a .zip file, you will need to uncompress the file. We have put together two methods below to update your drivers successfully. You can choose the way that is easier for you.

Way 1: Microsoft Windows  "Setup.exe ":

If you decide to update your drivers automatically, you can follow the steps below to install your drivers on your Windows computer.
  1. Save and unzip the archive which has been downloaded. 
  2. Find the directory of the hard drive places the driver files saved using the browser or Windows Explore feature. 
  3. From this directory, double-click the file  "Setup.exe ". 
  4. Click  "Next" to continue. 
  5. On the license agreement, click "Yes" to continue. 
  6. Then click  "Next" to continue Installation. 
  7. When "Setup" Progress is complete, click the "Next"  
  8. When the screen setup complete appears, click   "Finish" to complete the installation. 

Way 2: Microsoft Windows "Have Disk" Installation 

If you cannot update the driver successfully with a Setup.exe file, you can update it with ".inf" file. You can update the drivers manually with the .inf file via the Device Manager. You can follow the steps below to install your drivers on your Windows computer.
  1. Right-click on the ZIP file you have been downloaded and then click Extract all files here. 
  2. Open the folder which has the same name as the file you've downloaded.
  3. Click Start, then right-click Computer icon then click "Manage" menu.
  4. In the computer management window, in the left panel, click "Device Manager".
  5. Click the + sign in front of the category of the device that you want to install the driver.
  6. Right-click the device and select "Update Driver" Software.
  7. Driver Update Software window, select "Browse".
  8. Click Browse and located to the folder which contains the driver files downloaded. Then click OK when the folder has been selected.
  9. Back to Driver Update Software window, click Next. Windows will automatically search and install the drivers on your computer.
  10. When you are finished, click Finish.

                  One of the two recommendations above should have been install or update the driver with success to the computer. If you're still Trouble to install the device, you may not experience a hardware problem and not a problem with the drivers. See the steps for troubleshooting your hardware for help and additional information. We hope our blog gives you all the information you need. Let me know if there is a link is broken or Acer Spin 3 SP315-51 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit is not working very well please leave a comment.

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